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Mentorship in Data

for individuals or teams

The pathway to becoming a data professional can be really challenging. There are so many different new things to learn and practice that it's easy to feel overwhelmed and believe that you'll never be ready.

I can help you achieve your next
career goal in a solid manner.
Let me be your mentor!

Hard time becoming
that data unicorn?

Stop trying!

Learning everything won't give you what you need.

Instead, let's pursue a specific career goal together!

Don't worry, we got this!

I'm an experienced manager in data and I have already helped many of my reports and colleagues to grow their careers from junior analysts to senior and to leadership roles.
That's a passion for me!

Things that I can help you with:

  • Define your next career goal

  • Get hired for a data position

  • Get ready for promotion

  • Get a better salary

  • Preparation for interviews

  • Understand difficult concepts

  • Become a leader in your team
  • Review your code

  • Get confident

Develop your data team with a personalized mentorship program

Great data leaders are scarce those days, but what if you could invest in a promising person in your own organization and make him/her a great data leader?

Hire me to coach your data team to the next level!

Book the first call within the next two business days

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