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Data Architecture Review

for your company


A solid foundation for your business data is key to making good decisions and leading innovation, but the modern data landscape is complex and is evolving lightning fast!

Hire an expert​ to help you navigate this ocean
and accomplish your goals faster and cheaper.​

Need help navigating through the modern data stack?

There are literally thousands of tools available in the market, and choosing the right ones for your use case can be really overwhelming!


Check out the 2021 Data Landscape. Click the image to enlarge.

Hire specialized consultancy to review your
data architecture before doing large investments

I have built all the following data architectural components for different business contexts and industries.


Data Lake

Securely store and leverage all your business data


Data Warehouse

Transform your data into actionable insights for decision making


Data Platform

Scale up your data driven initiatives with a self-service platform


ML Ops

Automate business decisions with AI and machine learning to 

Overcome your data architecture challenges faster and cheaper

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